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We are expert in Intercom System



Domestic Intercom System

A wide range of Intercom System Installation with Audio only or Audio and Video entry systems for residential and commercial premises. Features two-way communication between the call station and handsets, and lock release button to open the door from the handset.

intercom system installed

Commercial Intercom system

Our commercial intercom system gives you the freedom to control visitors to your premises by visually and/or audibly identifying callers as they arrive. 

Offices are often in need of communication devices that allow for conversations or quick messages to be delivered between spaces. For example, the receptionist needs to be able to let individuals in the workspace know if a phone call has come in for them, or if a particular delivery has arrived. The delivery person, upon arrival, needs to be able to communicate with someone in the office to announce his or her presence and gain access to the building. For many reasons, offices find themselves in need of intercom systems – or something similar – to enhance productivity.

Smart Intercom Installation

Smart intercom system, Control and monitor remotely from anywhere, 


Smart Video Doorbell Installation

Smart video doorbells are the ultimate doorbell product: they allow you to view and communicate with the person outside your home before you even approach the door. The five products we most regularly supply and fit – and that we highly recommend ourselves – are the Ring Doorbell, Hikvision’s Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, and the ‘Hello’ Video Doorbell by Google Nest. Each system offers similar functionality, and is simple to use, and crucially shows you who is visiting your home, day or night.

Do you always want to see who is standing at your front door before you open it? With the SatFocus video intercom systems, you can talk to the visitor and see who it is before you open the door. A video intercom system makes you feel safe. Access control is particularly important for houses, apartments and blocks of flats, but is also practical for an office and a practice. The systems are also very handy when you are disabled, because they can be operated remotely.

The video intercom system is easy to install and replaces your existing doorbell. Choose a wireless or a wired video intercom system, depending on your wishes. Various models are available: with black-and-white or colour images, with a mini-pinhole camera or with a touchscreen monitor.

Are you looking for a video intercom system for more than one apartment at the same time? The single-apartment intercom systems are available with one or two interior control panels. We even have video intercom systems for apartments. These intercom kits allow you to connect more than one apartment to the same intercom system.

All the audio intercom systems can be extended with an electronic door opener, so that you can always open the door remotely. That is a very useful feature! The video intercom systems have two-way communication, which allows you to talk to the visitor. Furthermore, the outdoor control panel has a metal front panel and illuminated doorbell buttons with a nameplate, and they can be used with every type of door.